Custom Resin Photo Bangle Bracelet
  • Custom Resin Photo Bangle Bracelet


    Create a story with your own snapshots in this custom made photo resin bangle bracelet. We will work together with your photographs(any size or color) to make a unique bracelet with your own memories.

    Simply email me your favorite photos to  ( and I will reduce and collage them into a film strip that is suspended in a handcast resin bangle style bracelet.

    You can send me up to 20-30 photos if you would like images on the inside and outside of the bracelet. A minimum of 12-15 photos would cover the outer side of the bracelet only. The more photos you have, the better!

    Two different photo strips can be made for both the outer and inner side of the bracelet or the inner side can be a solid color.

    Your final bracelet is available in