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 I created my first collection of Photo-Jewelry nearly 20 years ago. This idea came to me as a direct result of my art school education at Pratt Institute, where I majored in photography and my work experience as a studio assistant with two very different but highly successful jewelry artists, Gabriella Kiss and Jessica Rose.  

My own photo contact sheets and jewelry materials from my job as a jeweler's assistant literally collided on the work table before me. I could easily envision my photographs taking the place of a gem or stone found in many jewelry designs.  I began creating collections of photo - jewelry featuring many of my own own original photographs as well as some antique and vintage photography.  


My first jewelry pieces incorporated the small scale images from my photo contact sheets printed in a darkroom, into miniature "frames" or bezels in sterling silver and bronze , sealed and protected with a durable resin. Then, the tiny framed photographs are either linked together to form necklaces and bracelets or hung from wires to make earrings.


Today I create similar designs with the use of digital photography without the need for a darkroom. In some of my latest works, I have dropped the "frame" altogether and have begun to create photo beads by embedding collaged pieces of photographs into cast resin shapes. The beads are then strung together to form long necklaces or bracelets or constructed into earrings or cast with the use of molds into bracelets. 

I have been fortunate to have been able to exhibit my photo-jewelry at fine craft shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Mad About Jewelry in NYC as well as many craft galleries throughout the U.S.  As well, my Personalized Photo-Jewelry designs and ideas have been featured in an issue Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Now, nearly 20 years later, after taking a number of years to focus in on family and raising children, I find myself re-emerging as an artist and still eager to continue creating new and innovative photo jewelry pieces.  My focus has shifted  from higher volume production jewelry to spending more time on limited editions and one of a kind pieces. As well, I have expanded my design offerings for custom made Personalized Photo - Jewelry where you, the customer can have your own photography incorporated into a piece of jewelry. Many of my original Photo - Jewelry designs are available to order through my SHOP and ETSY store as well as through Special Events and by appointment in the studio.

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